Do It Yourself Steam Cleaning Your Carpet At Home

It is stressful to see your carpet filled with different kinds of stains. As much as you want to have it cleaned, you just don’t want to risk further damaging your carpet. You want to seek professional carpet cleaners to help you with your problem, but it can be a bit too heavy on the pockets. Lucky for you, it is not so difficult to accomplish, and I will give you a few tips that will properly guide you with cleaning your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

I am sure you are very excited to take out your steam cleaner appliance and get yourself started to remove all that gunk. However, there is a process we have to go through to make sure that we get rid of all that dirt. Stains and all the nasty stuff found in and on your carpet are pretty hard to battle against. That is why you have to go through calculated motions to make sure it gets out and stays out for an extended period of time.

The first thing you should do before using steam cleaning your carpet, is to try and remove all the stains yourself first. One of the main reasons why you have to do this is because a steam cleaner does not have many capabilities to remove stains. It will be advised to go ahead and treat those stains, to aid the steam cleaner in removing the majority of the dirt and gunk.

One fast and efficient way to treat carpet stains is anti-stain products. These products are liquid solutions you drop in the area of effect, and it creates a chemical reaction that loosens the material of the stain, making it easy for you to remove. Once it is loose and ready to remove, you can follow it up by mixing up a simple soap and water solution and carefully that area. This will further remove the stain, and it will revive the natural color of your carpet.

After you have treated the stains, it is time to take out your steam cleaner. But first, you have to reminded of how to properly use a steam cleaner so you can maximize it’s potential.

A steam cleaner works by spraying water on the surface when you are doing the pushing motion. Then as you pull back, the machine can soak up the water from the carpet. That is why it is important for you to pull back as slowly as you can get as much water as you can away from the carpet. Too much water in the carpet will just attract more bacteria and mold back to the carpet.

The frequency of cleaning your carpets is dependent on the setting of your household. If you do not have pets, cleaning it once a year is fine. But if you have pets and kids at home, a few times a year is advisable. You don’t want to clean too often, because it could have a negative effect on the fabric or material of the carpet.




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